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Hi. We are Wairarapa & Marlborough's best value household wheelie bin service!

Locally owned and operated by a team of environmentally conscious people.  Our aim is to reduce the amount of single-use bags by providing our community with 80L, 120L and 240L bins.

Craig Harper,


What food waste can I put in my bin?

We accept food waste and kitchen scraps excluding fish, meat, poultry and its packaging.  We offer this service where your council is not offering a food waste collection.


What areas is this service available

We operate in the urban areas of Masterton, Carterton, Greytown, Featherston and Martinborough.

Our service is also available in Blenheim. Pictorn, Renwick and Seddon.


What happens once I become a customer?

Really simple. We drop off the wheelie bin you have requested to you. That will happen within 10 working days. You start using it. On collection day, you have your bin out by 7.00am. Our team collects it. Of course our bin is much easier to take out to the kerb than your Council bag – and you can take it out the night before in the knowledge that it will not be attacked by cats and dogs.


What options do I have for size of bin?

We have 80L, 120L or 240L bins available. These compare with the 60L Council rubbish bag.


How often can I have it collected?

Your WaiBins can only be collected on a weekly basis.


How can we pay you?

Just click on the Order section of the web site and you will see the simple options. We accept direct debit or credit card.


When can I get my new bin?

We drop off the wheelie bin you have requested within 10 working days.


Where on the kerbside should I leave my bin?

Please place your bin on the kerbside by 7.00am on collection day in a space that is easily accessible by our drivers. We only collect from the kerbside.


Does it matter if we live in a cul-de-sac?

No problems – just make sure your bin is placed where we can access it – click on the following diagram.


What happens to our bin if we move?

You can take it with you if we provide the same service at your new address. Please advise us of the date you move, update your address in our system by going online to the ‘My Account’ section and inform us of the date you wish the pick-up at your new address to be effective. If you require your account to be closed please let us know by email.


What happens if my bin is not collected?

There are a number of reasons why your bin has not been collected – not having it out by 7.00am and you missed the collection, you are in arrears with your payment or your bin has rubbish in it that is not permitted. See our Services section for items that can not go in your bin.


What happens if my bin is stolen?

Whilst we will replace your bin as a result of fair wear and tear, we can not be responsible for bins that are stolen or are damaged by fire or other forms of malicious damage. The cost of a replacement bin is $60.


Can I change the size of my bin?

Depending on your contract with us you certainly can – there maybe a change in pricing as a result.


What can I put in my bin?

We are happy to take away most of your general waste however we ask please that our customers ensure the bin lid is closed flat. Please do not jump on your rubbish to squash it in.

  • NO green waste in general waste bins
  • Wheelie bins are not suitable for earth or rubble, rocks and bricks
  • NO hot ashes
  • NO paints or solvents
  • NO substance or chemical of flammable, hazardous, toxic or explosive nature or any substance that requires special handling
  • NO PCBs or car tyres
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